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1-on-1 Trading Sessions with Dan Jennings

by ortal gretchin
1-on-1 Trading Sessions with Dan Jennings

Dan Jennings offers personal trading lessons for all levels of traders from beginners to experts. The training sessions are designed for those who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding about the world of trading in general, including both technical and fundamental analysis and to learn how to use a rules-based trading system to optimize your monthly returns.


  • Learn how to choose the right currency pairs for your trading objectives
  • Learn to track the market using technical analysis
  • Develop your personalized trading performance benchmarks
  • Practice strategy execution with real time data
  • Identify ideal entry and exit points, by learning how to determine strong support and resistance levels.
  • Using specific charting indicators to maximize profits on each trade

Advanced traders:

  • In-depth understanding about market trends
  • The psychology behind trading and how human emotions cause massive losses.
  • Own strategy review, and using a discipline rules based trading system (plan) to determine the highest potential trades
  • Using specific charting indicators to maximize profits on each trade.
  • Long-term investment paths.

In order to determine whether you are qualified for the 1-on-1 session, please fill in your details.

About Dan Jennings – Chief Market Strategist

  • BA in Business Administration
  • MBA from IVY League University
  • 24+ years of experience
  • Full-time professional trader with 16 years of experience as a proprietary trader on Wall Street
  • Wide forex coaching/mentoring experience


The trading platform used in the personal sessions is MetaTrader5, provided by UBCFX. UBCFX, or United Brokers Collaboration, is a professional brokerage initially established by independent traders, joined together with an aim to provide a unique environment for traders all over the world.

What clients said…

˝Great session! Dan is very professional; his explanations are coherent and clear. Even though I have some experience in trading forex, I learned a great deal about wealth management. Thanks.˝

– Adam, UK

˝Too bad I did not find this course earlier, would have saved more money on the garbage systems I got before. So far, it is the best trading lesson I got in my hands. I recommend the course to anyone who is willing to invest time into education and get better trading performance.˝

– Nikhil Siraj, India

˝Trading is a pretty new thing for me but the private coaching session definitely helped me start off on the right path. It was nice to have a plan built around my own circumstances and I appreciate the effort put it to it. Highly recommended. Many thanks˝

– Adrian, Singapore

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